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End Time Aluminum 2' x 3' Sifter

End Time Aluminum 2' x 3' Sifter

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This durable 2’ x 3’ 100% aluminum frame, 100% diamond serve sifter is a dream come true for every serious gardener! This unique tool will enable the gardener to thoroughly remove unwanted particles from the existing soil on the land so that it can be used in either the garden or nursery. With this product, you can say “goodbye” to purchasing soil in the store! Why do that when you can use soil from your own land?

Sifter Benefits:

  • Light weight
  • Rust proof
  • All weather resistant
  • Easy storage
  • Equipped with 2 handles on each side for easy transport
  • Versatility allows use directly in plant bed, on top of a wheelbarrow or large saw horses in the field.
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